Varallo, Borgosesia, Breia, Cellio, Civiasco, Guardabosone, Postua, Quarona, Valduggia, Vocca

The Sesia river valley floor forms the lower Valsesia area creating an extensive natural border which crosses the entire Valsesia from the headwaters from Mount Rosa to the hills of Gattinara, then feeding the Vercelli plains until joining the Po river.

Valsesia is a medley of natural landforms, Displaying those specific characteristics that define the subalpine environment.


Its mountain panorama anticipates the distinctiveness of the upper valley and its multiple features guarantee allure and visitor engagement. The rich areas of Gattinara and Romagnano are the strongholds of the Valsesia, for, despite their low-lying positions, they show signs of alpine character with obvious aspects in works, environmental conservation and care, creativity and resourcefulness — a spirit that is felt throughout the entire valley.

Distanced from the traditions upheld in mountain communities, these towns still boast historical traditions and rich heritage that have helped to define the style and character of Valsesia since its first settlements and their unforgotten battles for the Valley’s independence.

Indeed, over the centuries these “lower” areas developed a political and civil consciousness which lead to the founding of “the Vallesesia province” and endured the centuries, at least in the conscience and spirit of its inhabitants. The pages dedicated to the history of Valsesia, to its rule and to the social consequences that lead to solutions, trends, vocations and personalities shall be presented subsequently; it is to that history that we must

“attribute the origin of a distinctive local style that has never been lost, imbued with culture, with sociality, with a very special charm.


The Sesia’s lowest lying pole, with its towns of great social influence, has been the cradle of this Valsesian conscience, just as the mountain inhabitants at the feet of the Rosa spontaneously did, supporting one another. The Valsesia was founded in this manner, in time, evenly distributing the sections of a contrasting and challenging land; well-aware that its features would bring them pride and render them possessive of their territory for centuries to come.

Romagnano, Gattinara, Grignasco, Prato Sesia, Serravalle and the areas of Valsessera, share not only a common border but also common aspirations and a common subalpine spirit which continues to the impressive commercial and industrial business centre of Borgosesia, reaches out toward Quarona and neighbouring areas until the historical and cultural capital of Valsesia, Varallo. History, art, mentality and profile are unparalleled, built on a matrix of culture and sociality which has made of the Valsesia an important hub on an international scale. 


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