Val Sermenza
Val Sermenza

Boccioleto, Carcoforo, Rima S. Giuseppe, Rimasco, Rossa

Smaller in dimension, compared to the other larger valleys of the Valsesia (Val Grande measures twice its area) the Valsesians have offered to rename it “Val Pitta”, that is “Little Valley”.

The valley, nonetheless, offers all those characteristics that render the Valsesian scenery spacious, spectacular and enjoyable in every season. Indeed, in some towns throughout Val Sermenza, the landscape is even more suggestive because of dense woodlands and postcard mountain views. 

It starts at Balmuccia, on the Alagna state highway and it extends until Rimasco at which point it divides, bearing left for Rima and right for Carcoforo. It’s named after the Sermenza torrent which rushes through, often deep within the recesses of narrow gorges.

The natural beauty of this valley cannot pass unnoticed, nor can the charming village houses be overlooked. Built of stone, as in the past, many of the houses are still heated with a fireplace and the pungent smell of burnt wood lingers in the air. The road opens alongside the downhill flow of the Sermenza and meets a cluster of little homes, each of which are interesting for their character and style. Some climb up straight ridges on roadways, like the town of Rossa whose historical centre provides an eloquent reference to great architecture. 

A little farther on, after the bridge over the Cavajone, is the ancient village of Boccioleto. Marked by the bold monolith of gneiss rock known as “Torre delle Giavine” that attracts the curious tourist and dismisses all attempts at its conquest by the climber.

A few curves later, the Fervento basin lies splendidly within a scenic plane; valley and torrent proceed through mountains, whose summits stretch ever so closer to the heavens, until the confluence of the Sermenza and the Egua torrents arriving from the adjacent little valley at Carcoforo. These waters fill the picturesque artificial lake that bestows charming poetic verses upon the surroundings and on the village of Rimasco which rises from its shore.

Val Sermenza, once also called “Valle del Croso”, heads toward the slopes of Mount Tagliaferro and along the way encounters the village of Rima San Giuseppe at the conjunction with Val Nonai which rises toward the Moanda pastures.

Sitting enthroned above other little villages at an altitude of 1417 metres is the elegant Valsesian town of Rima.

The houses, built following specific requirements just like the latest structures satisfying top quality designs, make Rima a sought-after holiday destination for many tourists who flock to the area especially over the summer months. Simply for the surrounding mountain scenery, a trip to the Valsesia is well worth it.

From the right shore of Rimasco, Val d’Egua opens and heads toward the valley floor where the bright and lush green basin of Carcoforo opens. At the centre of a vast hollow surrounded by spruce-fir and larch forests, the atmosphere is varied and sweet and the little village presents typical Valsesian characteristics. From here, the trails of  greatest interest to Alpine mountaineers depart.

Carcoforo seals this picturesque and delightful little valley and, just like the corresponding village of Rima, it strongly contributes to the genuine profile that defines Valsesia’s natural harmonious nature that is sought-after by savvy travellers in an ever demanding tourism market.


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