Off-Track Skiing
Off-Track Skiing

Monterosa Offers Its Explorers Dozens Of Kilometres Of Trails Through The Peaks Of The Alps

In The Cradle Of Mountaineering And Hiking, Off-Track Skiing Couldn’t Not Have A Place — A Demanding Discipline That Unites Two Of The Oldest Sport Activities Related To The Mountains.

Monterosa Offers Its Adventurous Explorers Dozens Of Kilometres Of Trails, From The Easiest Excursions Along Tranquil Snow-Clad Slopes Of The Main Hills To The Most Challenging Descents Through Forests; From The High-Altitude Tours Exploring The Highest Peaks To The Treks For Those Who Are In Search Of The Most Secluded Corners Revealing Pristine Pastures And Intact Ecosystems Of The Alta Valsesia Natural Park.

Off-Track Skiing Is Certainly Gruelling, But The Excitement It Delivers Is Worth The Effort. 


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