Daring, With An Exclusive Panorama: An Extraordinarily Unique Opportunity To Tour

Today’s opportunities are truly incredible thanks to the effort and resources made available to snow and mountain tourism in the Valsesia.

This is truly a unique opportunity for its exhilarating exclusive views of the surroundings.

Heliskiing in the Valsesia, using a helicopter for the climb, has created a miraculous chance at connecting with the purest peaks of the Alps in the territory, gracefully gliding on the best snow through characteristic surroundings that would otherwise be out of reach.

Expert guides and helicopter pilots as well as a meticulous attention to the weather conditions make this exciting experience possible.

After a vertical climb to the peaks, and only following regulatory approval of conditions and procedures for any eventuality, the descent begins: Bocchetta del Fornale in Val Vogna, Giardino in Val d’Otro, Colle del Turlo in Val Grance, Colle del Lys and Porta Nera on Monte Rosa… and the memory of the skiing will last a lifetime.

This experience caters only to the most courageous expert skiers who are wellaware of the challenge. In compliance with all existing and guaranteed safety measures, with no reserve, heliskiing aims to reveal the limitless fascination of the Valsesian mountains.


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