Rafting And Canyoning
Rafting And Canyoning

The Sesia River Is Very Well Known Across Europe For Its Rver Sports

The turbulent flow of the Sesia can be braved in a group, in the fun and enthralling sport of rafting. Compared to canoeing and kayaking, the technique is very different as up to eight riders can board; what remains concordant is the level of excitement that is felt.

the trips down the river are along some of the most spectacular tracts and are open to all,  guaranteeing adventure, entertainment and thrills

This sport uses an inflatable raft to navigate with relative ease: the only requirements are coordination and attention to nature’s hidden dangers. The ability to swim is a must and with lessons taught by expert instructors in calm waters to illustrate the essential manoeuvring techniques,   rafting is in anyone’s reach.

The trips down the river are along some of the most spectacular tracts and are open to all, guaranteeing adventure, entertainment and thrills. 

The warmer season, from April to September, presents the best conditions to practice rafting which also provides an additional reason to get to know the special corners of the Valsesian territory and realize that you can’t avoid its allure as a location to practice your favourite outdoor activities.

 Canyoning is another exciting river sport and involves the descent in a narrow gorge with flowing rivers or brooks.

Some of the best natural settings for a challenging workout are in the Valsesia; near springs, narrow gorges and in the most winding courses of water where no type of raft could possibly face the conditions. In order to win the challenges that will be encountered, under the guidance of specialized instructors, the essential techniques will be taught from swimming to diving, from sliding down natural rock slides or waterfalls to descending with ropes, and the sport will be exceptionally fun and exciting. 

It just mustn’t be too cold to enjoy canyoning and a wetsuit must always be worn. The activity may seem arduous, but with knowledge and familiarity with the river and the desire to experience particular enthusiasm, anyone can try.

Canyoning can also be practiced in combination with river trekking usually at greater altitudes where smaller amounts of water flow and the descent is more manageable.


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