Alagna Is The Main Door To Access The Numerous Climbing Expeditions On The Monte Rosa

Mountaineering, or alpinism, has always reigned over all sports in the Valsesia. Due to the territory’s physical features, the magnificence of the mountains can only be expressed and appreciated through the exploration of its many peaks.

Attractive and irrefutable offers for those who wish to experience the mountains to their fullest, discovering their environmental riches and giving a special meaning to the VAlsesian vAcation 

Mountaineering demands an adequate physical condition: intense training, muscle fitness, excellent knowledge of the locations and awareness of dangers that may be faced by participants. A climb to the “Margherita” on the Rosa, for example, or an overnight crossing on the GTA (Great Alpine Crossing), are attractive and irrefutable offers for those who wish to experience the mountains to their fullest; discovering their environmental riches and giving a special meaning to the Valsesian vacation. Ideal physical fitness is a must to protect mountaineers from unexpected conditions or hostile reactions that may endanger their health.

The current information system allows even the Valsesia area to obtain all the useful information regarding the mountains that are to be explored, minimizing risk and the unknown.

The peaks of Mount Rosa have seen some of the greatest conquests of Alpine exploration over history, but now those peaks are no longer climbed for their “discovery” or for scientific study — as everything has already been discovered, or at least that is what is believed. Thus, all that remains is the thrill of mountain climbing. Physically gruelling but worth every awesome view, often admired in quiet, private contemplation.

The itineraries in Valsesia also include hikes that are rich with easy climbs and often completely safe under the supervision of CAI (Italian Alpine Club) Alpine guides and associated institutions, whose sole objective is to acquaint the adventurer with the Valsesian mountains. 

A good network of well-marked groomed trails across hills over the territory allow for the forests and pastures, alive in the summertime with country farming, with lush and colourful flora alternating with great open fields and breath-taking views, to be admired up close.  Some trails are not excessively demanding and no particular training is needed; all that is required are a good pair of legs and a lot of stamina! Amenities and mountain huts, always open in summer, are available for food, drink and rest. This is the most popular mountaineering practiced in the territory to reach the numerous crown of peaks and points of interest with relative ease.

Even the destinations set at the greatest altitudes, like those legendary climbs to the summits of Monte Rosa, have been made more accessible with lift facilities that take the mountain adventurer closer to their target by delicately traversing the heart of the glaciers and perennially snow-clad crests.

The mountaineering experience in Valsesia can essentially attract two types of sportsperson who both share a passion for the mountains, the environment and for these pristine spaces that are fortunately still part of paradise on Earth. This is the true nature of mountaineering. And the Valsesian mountains, under its many aspects from the simple hiking excursions to its arduous conquests using ropes, pitons and ice axe, reveal a magnificent outdoor gym that will satisfy the desire to escape life’s daily grind.

Evasion for the purpose of rising towards the sky and towards clean air; setting space (and often spirituality) as the destination. This is the quasi-religious philosophy of mountaineering: a privileged condition that opens the individual to an experience of self-awareness that leads to empowering introspection and greater awareness of others and of the surroundings in which we live.


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