Paragliding In Valsesia All Year Round

Flying over Valsesia, a dream only yesterday, is possible and thrilling today thanks to the vast network of services dedicated to the industry that the Valsesia has certainly not neglected among its modern tourist attractions.

an adrenaline rush; the excitement is captivating and the passion for this sport intensifies …as does the fondness for the valsesia 

A perfect day with the right weather conditions, an agreement of plans made prior with the guides, all of whom are experienced pilots and insured members of the Italian Aero Club, and off to the runway. From take-off and the first breath-taking views of the territory from above, you feel the adrenaline rush; the excitement is captivating and the passion for this sport intensifies…as does the fondness for the Valsesia.

The rough, colourful, varied and fascinating panorama of the Valsesia seen from those altitudes is truly a unique experience and very different to visiting the area gradually, curve after curve along the winding, climbing valley roads.

From the gentle downward slopes from Alpe di Mera, Bocchetta delle Pisse above Alagna, or the slopes of Monte Tovo, just to name three of the most spectacular points to practice this engaging sport, the Valsesian territory stretches out and as you glide like an eagle, admiring the view, you realize that the aircraft is easier to control than what you had thought.

The “Parapendio Club Valsesia” is located in Quarona and has over ten years of experience in paragliding and hang gliding. Launching is almost always from the nearby Tovo and landing is below, on the plains of Doccio.

A two-seater test flight for instruction and tourism is certainly a test of courage that will definitely remain, in heart and mind, a fond and magical moment.


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