Today The Sesia River Is Among The Most Renowned In Italy For Sport Fishing

Fishermen in the Valsesia consider this land blessed and are proudly grateful for the abundant and unique resources in its waterways. Perhaps it is known only by few as a location offering alternative tourism although the valley does indeed enjoy international fame as a paradise for sport fishing.

It has always been confirmed that all the waterways in the Valsesia present particularly ideal locations for fly fishing — much appreciated by the category of fisherman from all over the world. The particular Valsesian style fly originated and developed in this area and shares some similarity to the tenkara technique and perhaps even developed simultaneously in Japan. Sport fishing in general and in all its special methods is highly regarded and attracts many across the entire territory.

The valleys and their natural watercourses are all appealing to enjoy this stimulating and relaxing sport, not only along the Sesia which showcases gorgeous areas to fish in but also on the banks of its creeks: the Mastallone, the Sermenza, the Landwasser, the Egua, the Trasinera, the Massero and even from their little tributaries which spread out to the most distant edges of the mountain. Along with the riverways are the many little alpine lakes nestled within the hills of the Alagna valley, Val Vogna, Val Sorba, Val Gronda and the suggestive lake basin in Rimasco. An array of astonishing locations in which to enjoy not only the fishing but also the enchanting corners of the valleys.

Many reserves have been instituted in the Valsesian territory and the fish species are all of high quality, like the marble trout, the blue-finned grayling (endemic variety), the brown trout, the rainbow trout and the arctic charr.

The Società Valsesiana Pescatori Sportivi (Sport Fishermen Society of Valsesia) governs this extraordinary environmental heritage, adhering to the CONI/FIPS Italian National Federation of Sport Fishing guideline for the protection and preservation of waterways and aquatic wildlife, and it also manages all public water supplies of the Valsesia. From the highest natural alpine springs to the dam in Quarona, for a total of over three hundred kilometres of courses of water, these are periodically restocked with quality fish from the modern fish farm in Locarno. The Sesia has also been a perfect setting for major international and world sport fishing competitions.

Especially over the summer months does fishing in Valsesia come alive. Abundant fish in the pure, crystalline waters surrounded by lush green vegetation — a unique setting to practice one’s passion. 


Flocks of fishermen, even from afar, many of whom have become habitual visitors, heed the call to the gratifying and exceptional waterways in the Valsesia.

The regular flow of tourists equipped with rod and line get settled into the area in large numbers confirming the value of the environment as well as the work behind its maintenance and protection. The main attraction remains, without a doubt, the unique freshwaters of the Valsesia.

All told, summertime sport fishing qualifies as a winning proposition for tourism. Gratifying and guaranteed to satisfy particular requests, the tourist can’t go wrong when choosing sport fishing in the Valsesia which reflects a level of excellence that can’t be lacking from today’s tourism market.


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