An Infinite Selection Of Snowshoeing Group Excursions In Snow-Covered Mountain Trails Offered By Tour And Alpine Associations

Throughout the entire winter season, snowshoeing is a fun and easy activity to enjoy as a group and is a highly popular sport in the Valsesia area.

An infinite selection of snowshoeing group excursions in snow-covered mountain trails offered by Tour and Alpine associations

There are numerous fresh snow-clad landscapes that are worthy of being “sullied” by almost hovering across them with rackets — once they are strapped on, since simply that endeavouroften leads to laughs, cheerfulness and a congenial trek in good company.Following the first timid steps, snowshoeing is easy to learn and immediately provides fun, excitement and inspiration.

Every winter sport practiced in the mountains demands significant effort and training, but there are no limits to a healthy snowshoe hike as it is open to all: the young and not-so-young, the athletic and the not-very-active, men and women, skiers and novice hikers who wish to face the snow-covered trails by walking above them.

Forests, pastures, points and scenery are the objectives of the snowshoe hike that are so popular within the territory that night hikes are also organized. With a lantern to light the way, the mountains can be admired up close as the scenery’s night-time lights quiver and create a splendid moment to remember from the winter getaway.

Body weight is evenly distributed over the large surface of the snowshoes (or snow rackets) and hence, on the snow, allowing the hiker to avoid sinking and making for an extremely fun way to move about. The snowshoes are available to rent from many locations and it is strongly suggested to consult with professional guides on which trail to take, considering itinerary, slopes, snow conditions and weather forecast in order to guarantee a delightful experience for anyone wishing to discover the snowy mountains.


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