Gattinara, Lozzolo, Roasio, Serravalle

This is the area from which actual mass tourism transit to the upper Valsesia starts. And it is most certainly from down here that the design defined by the continuous metamorphosis of the landscape originates and makes the Valsesian territory so complex and surprising.

The hills of Gattinara are indeed an exclusive feature of the entire Valsesian territory.

Images speak of the generosity of a fertile land, a specific location for the production of wines of excellence. Reaping benefits from its orography and winding structure, Gattinara and its surrounding hills enjoy an optimal climate which contributes to the crucial natural factors that provide for quality products.

The excellent wines produced from these hills, a centuries-old tradition, are characterised today by an attention to quality that can only come from outstanding professional ability connected to a respect for tradition.

The soil of these vineyards which confers a fascinating and unique profile to the surroundings is constantly monitored by agronomists and professionals who know how to combine their love for the vineyards (in particular, Nebbiolo, sovereign vine variety giving rise to all of the wines of excellence in the hills of Gattinara) and for the landscape to the production techniques that, per se, have been able to qualify this area universally within Northern Piedmont as a oenological centre.

This hilly area can be divided into three: the lower middle part is under vine; the higher part which was cultivated in the past is currently a woodland; the third part is made up of fewer varieties of wild woods.

The grapevines make use of the Hills and bumps exposed to the sun even amidst the presence of different types of vegetation.

The picturesque images of these hills in Gattinara offer a vision of sleekness and allure to the anteroom of the Valsesia; the rhythm only interrupted by occasional wild cherry trees which bloom into a splendour, dotting the green landscape of brilliant white.


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