Serravalle, as its name means, closes the valley of the Sesia and neighboring Valsessera

Valsesian important center of ancient origin, noble historical past, current profile of socio-economic relevance and secure. Serravalle, as its name means, closes the valley of the Sesia and neighboring Valsessera, with its relaxing in a large basin at the level of the river, also incorporating the towns of Bornate, Piane and Vintebbio, once independent municipalities.

Its place of origin is very old if Naula, the location where stands the splendid Pieve, is mentioned Roman settlement since 999; the "borgofranco" Serravalle is founded in 1255 and then binds to many relevant chapters of the local history. Piane Sesia joins in 1927 in Serravalle with its many hamlets: San Giacomo, Naula, La Sella, Casa de Ambrosis, State Martellone, Quazzo House, House Imbrico, Bertola Canton, Canton Mazzone Castorino or above, or Canton Canton Mazzone Mazzone Under .

Serravalle the village is the place of the first floor in the local context, both for the dynamics of the business and for the great animations and folkloric

Serravalle has preserved over the centuries urban physiognomy and social character of their common significant both politically and culturally; a vibrant and active society has always confirmed the village as a place Serravalle prominent in the local context, both for the dynamics of the business and for the great animations and folkloric.

Coming from Romagnano and Gattinara, the country has its offshoots with extreme Vintebbio, lying on the bank of the Sesia and dominated by a large castle of the eighth century, in ruins today but recovered in a suggestive way; two churches on the bottom of the village, the parish church of St. Joseph of the six hundred and votive Madonna del Rosario. From the village you leave the lines to many beautiful scenic tours, among the abundant orchards and vineyards of the area. Near the hamlet Piane Sesia, dominated by Canton Sella, extended into a double shelf spacious and bright with the beautiful parish church of Sam James, then Naula with the austere Romanesque Pieve, which dates back to around the year 880 , considered the oldest evidence of a temple on the territory Valsesian. Missed his visit: an agile architecture well recovered, preceded by a large area on which were found the remains and graffiti pagans, admirable interior frescoes, the cemetery with the remains of Arimanni with his Queen.

Naula already integrates with the territory of the municipal center where proliferate activity and elegant residences and there are many interesting appearances, from an artistic and monumental, as the parish church of Saints John the Baptist and Nicholas, a beautiful eighteenth century with works by Borsetti and Peracino and raised Sanctuary Sant'Euseo, a local saint who is assigned an enormous and sustained devotional worship, and even the church of the village and Gattera Moncazzola Our Lady of the Snows.

Serravalle has as extreme offshoot territorial north fraction of Bornate, else the earliest origins, located on the border and so rich in historical citations as a theater of social and political events. An urban cluster that preserves tracts of agricultural civilization, and that makes the country attractive and distinctive; the beautiful parish church of the seventeenth century and is dedicated to the Virgin.

The center of Serravalle is elegant and vibrant, thanks to excellent business and propulsive animations cultural, tourist, traditional, like sentitissimo Palio dei Rioni, popular manifestation of competition between the districts of the country, a thrilling ride on donkeys and in full compliance animal care, that today, after many editions of complete success, has established a full-fledged programming costume, folklore and tourist attraction in the foreground.

Pure of great popular participation is, on the large square in the center of town, the monthly edition of the Antiques Market, which became one of the main Piedmont, with over one hundred exhibitors.


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