Valsesia Morphs In Every Season And Knows How To Present Different Landscapes That Offer Alternative Challenges To Its Visitors

When the season stiffens and the frigid temperatures release the air and purify the environment, the Valsesian mountain territories become a magnificent place to rediscover. As the streams of water freeze and solidify as one with the rock it seeped through, surprising and spectacularcliffs of ice are formedand thrill the adventurer who attempts their conquest.

valsesia morphs In every season and knows how to present different landscapes that offer alternative challenges  to its visitors

Climbing the icy cliffsare comparable to conquering the frozen surroundings of the mountain: the adventurer comes intodirect contact with the harsh face of nature in a transfigured Valsesia.

Nature offers us the challenge of icefall climbing and the climber’s attempt is an expression of love for the territory and for its natural bizarre manifestations.From its lush green perspectives in the warm summer months, a return to the area transformed under a different climate arouses the fun thrill of exploration and conquest — all that is needed are ice tools and crampons and, naturally, the professional guidance and assistance of knowledgeable alpine guides.

Icefall climbing in Valsesia is an added feature towards theawareness and appreciation of the natural resources that the area has to offer.


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