Mountain Biking
Mountain Biking

The Slopes Of The Streets In The Valsesia Are Dear To Cyclists

The activity still regards bicycle touring, but the mountain bike possesses characteristics that render it much different than the traditional bicycle. What better way is there to experience the uncontaminated Valsesian environment than to bike along its many routes that unveil corners of incomparable beauty?


Perhaps this is the secret behind the success of this ever popular sport which lets you leave the noise and traffic stress behind, at least for a magical moment, as you adventure along daring trails, long arduous ascents or down breath-taking slopes totally immersed in unique surroundings: fields, forests and brooks that gently gush toward the Sesia or its tributaries, surrounded only by silence and the intense aromas of nature.

Copious mountain bike trails across the Valsesia to choose from, ranging from easy and accessible routes for all levels to gruelling trails that will put the cyclist’s physical resistance to the test. These will be day trips, immersed in nature, and following the recommendations given by our qualified teams, every wish for your bicycle tour will be satisfied.

In addition to cycling, fantastic possibilities for mountain bike trials and motorcycle trials are also contributing factors to the Valley’s traditions and fame.

Similar sports that come to mind are bike trials, helibiking, ski biking and snow biking that are all managed and run by various sports organizations. Their affiliation and collaboration with the tourist to the Valsesia helps to guide and advise even the inexperienced athlete who wishes to attempt a relatively easy activity.  

Simple equipment for mountain biking is all that is required (rentals available) along with the desire to test one’s limits, at least once, in this world of bicycle tourism which is guaranteed to provoke contagious endless excitement.

The valley’s streets and paths offer an infinite selection of surprising itineraries to partake on  two wheels, from the easiest to the more challenging.


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