Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing

The Spectacular Snow-Clad Valsesia In The Winter Beckons To Its Many Cross-Country Ski Trails

Cross-Country Skiing Is One Of The Preferred Winter Activities Of Snow Sports Enthusiasts. Gliding For Kilometres Over Fresh Snow Confirms The Fact That The Valley’s Summertime Beauty Becomes Even More Fascinating In The Winter.

The Spectacular Snow-Clad Valsesia In The Winter Beckons To Its Many Cross-Country Ski Trails

Under Snow, Surroundings Morph And Acquire A Special Character Andthe Valsesia, Experienced Snow-Covered In The Winter From Its Cross-Country Trails, Is No Exception As It Enchants And Demonstrates That This Activity Can Be Enjoyed Even By The Novice Skier.

Tourist Centres In The Valsesia, Namely Scopello, Carcoforo And Riva Valdobbiagroom Excellent Pistes That Are Always Snow-Covered And Well-Beaten Making The Trails Easy And Inviting.

The Trail At Scopello Winds For 10 Kilometres For Many Hours Under The Sunshine Along A Pleasant Level Trail And Set In Open Surroundings. In Comparison, The Trail At Carcoforo Is A Few Kilometres Shorter But Includes More Challenging Segments As It Is Exposed To The Sun For Fewer Hours And Thus Has Harder-Packed Snow. The Entire Mountain Area Is Enchanting But A Departure From The Banks Of The River Egua Sets The Scene To Amagical Tale. Riva Valdobbia Is Another Trail With Excellent Sun Exposure And A Long Run With Some Demanding Tracts For The Cross-Country Skier, But The Effort Is Indeed Worth The Phenomenal Scenes Of The Dominating Monterosa And The Many Soothing Glimpses Of Walser Culture That Render This Trail Unique.

All The Above Trails Are Worth Trying, As Are The Many Different Off-Track Skiing Options That Also Include Easy Downhill Treks Through Surrounding Wooded And Level Areas Of Valsesian Towns.


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