It is the highest municipality of Valsesia and sits in a lovely valley rich in pastures, larch and fir

It will not be a coincidence that this tiny, crop land of the valley has been described as "ideal village of Italy"; the character of the place, the location lies on the bottom of an open valley, the profile housing stylish, the absence of pollution, pure air and a limited traffic, quality is not separated by a good receptivity, make meta favorite tourism Valsesian.

A dock green and sunny frames the country, between the basins of firs and larches and pastures lying. We are in the heart of the Natural Park Alta Valsesia, including here, more than anywhere else, how precious environmental conservation and how the mountain, so expressed, we should respect and constant care.

the natural scenery of Carcoforo is lovely but harmonious is also its settlement, perhaps dating back to colonization Walser

A Carcoforo he always takes you along the Egua, which here flows over wide plateaus, pastures and rolling hills, become a paradise for cross-country skiing: the natural scenery of Carcoforo is lovely but harmonious is also its settlement, perhaps dating back to 'era of colonization Walser. Transalpine influences are for the truth also present in the costumes and in some details of the houses.

Everything in this natural paradise inspires peace and tranquility, establishing a relationship with the location "ideal" that leads to a prolonged and at a more detailed visit. Starting from the Arch of good reception built in the '700 and restored in the first half of the last century, carefully preserved and unique business card, at least one time, place. Climbing up to the middle (the country is all uphill), among centenarians pavements and narrow passages between the neat, typical houses, you come to the neighborhood where there are close to each other, the parish church of Santa Croce, the Oratory of Our Lady delle Grazie and the Parish.

Santa Croce dates back to the '600 and has a pointed steeple, characteristic of the country and of the basin in which stands in every picture: good architecture, adorned with stucco and remarkable, majestic interior has a single wide nave where you can admire paintings, statues, valuable paintings ; the slender gilded wooden altarpiece and remarkable rich marble balustrades green Cilimo Roccapietra. In the nearby Oratory of Grace, place of worship felt, wooden works of merit of authors Valsesian secenteschi and beautiful stucco work. At Gabbio Big foot of a gentle mountain ridge, the "Madonna of the Snow", an eighteenth-century oratory with a nice porch and a fresco in front Orgiazzi.

The careful visit of the country can not be complete without noting closely the frescoes still existing on several old houses, with scenes of religious life, by unknown authors Valsesian, small, genuine masterpieces, witnesses of an attachment to the country and of a deep faith.

Carcoforo opens the door, so clear and inviting to hiking more challenging, with the beautiful crown of mountains that surround the area: Montevecchio, Palone of Badile, Pizzo Tignaga. All around 2,700 meters, the Piovale and Refuge "Boffalora", Cai Boffalora Ticino, lovely walk before reaching the Colle d'Egua which offers a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges of the region.

In the village there also flows the stream Trassinera, on the opposite side dell'Egua, coming from the overlying summer pastures bordering the Val Quarazza and which meets the Refuge Massero, in the heart of the Natural Park which oversees all areas of the head of the extreme valsesia; however the view is gorgeous with a "Rose" almost at hand.

Certainly not negligible is the role played by the country under tourist sports, where mountaineering, trekking, fishing, cross country skiing with adequate and easy slopes, ski touring on the surrounding hills and mountain biking are happy expressions and adeguatissime offers, well integrated with accommodation services.


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