Entering Rima seems to cross the threshold of a whole new world.

Val Sermenza continues, by Rimasco, for easy carriage road that climbs up the mountains to the valley floor, opening in the middle of a lush and verdant nature and after short meet the ancient village of Rima San Giuseppe, which forms Rima, the last town of the valley, a single municipality.

Besides from Sermenza is also boarded by Nonay, small tributary stream that comes down from the sides of the overlying Tagliaferro, mountain sovereign of this end of the territory.

From the valley of Nonay the base for some of the most fascinating alpine excursions Valsesia having to outline many of the most beautiful peaks: the nozzle of Moanda, the Carnera, the Mud, Cima Raspberry, the Sajunchè, the Trasinera, and of course Tagliaferro that reach almost three thousand meters ago by Emperor scenario Alpine rimese.

a country revalued anywhere from careful restoration operations in homes, all of ancient foundation

St. Joseph is a small inhabited, yet vibrant and dynamic, both for its proximity to Rimasco, either by the presence of new exercises public distinct role in the tourist receptive.

Is today almost everywhere reclaimed by careful restoration operations in homes, all of ancient foundation. Tightens around a monumental church dedicated to St. Joseph in fact that is also interesting in terms of architecture: large oval nave, two chapels on the sides and an important sanctuary in which stands an altarpiece of wood behind the altar and a statue of the Madonna Rosary.

Even in Rima San Giuseppe intervention of painters such as Borsetti Orgiazzi, the Avondo, the Pianca. Illustrious names valsesiana who painted frescoes of great value; There is also preserved a beautiful sculpture of Christ attributed to Tabacchetti, renowned artist who worked at Sacro Monte of Varallo.

In the village there are these things to note, but just keep out of the vision to see the wonder environment, flowing arc Fractional all around, with typical houses the steep ridges arranged in a range of great suggestion: Cà d'Iselle Pian camo, Pianmorello, Footer Faggiolo, Buzzo. All reachable by inviting, well-maintained trails for a single area of ​​health and mountain culture.


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