ancient country, before 1400 had already separated from Scopa and regularly constituted parish

The beautiful Val Sermenza Boccioleto is the most important and has ancient origins that in different eras have assigned to the country primary roles in the historical, political and cultural. "Buzzoleto" name derived from the spur with special geological features on which develops its inhabited, is caught between the Sermenza east and west Cavajone that make its landscape grouped and pleasant.

The inhabited almost entirely made up of houses that preserve the lines and airiness of the beautiful homes Valsesian classic, with large balconies, porches and roofs piode, many of them quite worthy to be noticed in the context of typical mountain of this region.

Tower of Giavine that overlooks the city is the symbol of the country and the whole valley

The panorama of the country is dominated by the "Tower of Giavine", a slender and bold monolith gneiss hundred meters high above the town and has become the symbol of both the country is the whole valley; is well known for the criteria climbing, challenging for climbers of all ages with difficulties 5th and 6th grade and is unforgettable visual attraction for anyone visiting the resort.

A visit to the country will lead to several pleasant impressions: the square on which stands the church of Saints Peter and Paul, with beautiful architectural arches, cornices and stucco fine and, inside, a bright ceiling painted by John Avondo, author also of paintings of the presbytery. Other valuable works of De Dominici, the painter boccioletese Carlo Borsetti, Orgiazzi and the wonderful wooden altar of Alberti, a mountain of sculpture and architecture covered with gold. Other notable treasures of art and handicrafts are scattered in the large church carved up the cupboards of the sacristy work of Ravelli and the mural paintings and sculptures from the nearby cemetery.

No less interesting to see the agile Church of the Annunciation in the north of the country with other remarkable works of art and the little "Gesietto", a chapel valuable for history and art, built in the '500 near the bed of the Cavaione, which preserves paintings on the Passion of Christ of happy school Gaudenzian.

And the infinite resource of artistic Boccioleto you can continue to treat recommending the visit fractional arc along those popular "Paths of Art" so well selected by Cai Varallo, with shrewd objectives of knowledge, restoration and enhancement. A crown of preciousness that in optical recovery is also helping to revive the small mountain locations not easily accessible.

And 'the case of the Alpe Seccio, a beautiful city in an incomparable setting with its church of San Lorenzo dating back to the' 3/400, believed to be the first church in the valley, a real "Sistine Chapel" in the mountains for the wealth of frescature ancient well preserved .; Solivo but also for the unbeatable location, Gold with another oratory of the '400 and wonderful paintings, the beautiful Casetti, beyond Sermenza, Ormezzano Genestreto, Piaggiogna and Ronchi, all impressive and commendable, with admirable works in their small but precious speakers, and even the sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, more challenging to get to but fully enjoyable as small monument to the glory of God, in its beautiful natural setting around a large rocky outcrop.

In short, a veritable wealth of "fine arts" that confirm the country's capital about a territory already favored by the natural environment and also enriched by the historical facts of Valsesi and mastery of many local artists who contributed at different times with a myriad of masterpieces, making it quite unique.

Non-negligible contribution to the tourism sector Boccioleto receptive entire Val Sesia with some justly renowned quality facilities.


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