Postua is a jewel nestled in the woods of the first spurs of Valsessera

In its green crown environment dominated by the imposing Monte Barone and bounded by the flow of streams and Sessera Strona, the country enumerates many and varied areas of interest, to discover step by step.

 Postua already has a happy visual impact along the road past the bridge on Sessera; the immediate contact with the township postuese stimulates curiosity with places of origin and ancient palaces and villas all important dating from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
'500 is also the parish church of the Assumption, the mother of many other of the country and its fractions, Church, Riva, Barinciano, Roncole, Forges, Naulina. In his tour happy discovery of interesting points such as the Madonna of Loreto, San Sebastiano, Santa Marta and Bernardino, the Shrine of the Assumption, the oratory of San Grato and the ancient of Saint Lucia.

Remarkable resourcefulness of the local society, attentive and sensitive to the cultural animation and the good reception

The gentle and graceful care up area allowed for centuries to maintain a general profile distinguished, aristocratic and definitely inviting to an attendance that in some age seasonal reaches high peaks; this thanks to an enterprising remarkable local society, attentive and sensitive to the cultural animation and the good reception.

There was also a good game speech maintaining roots postuesi lives with attentions to a foreign tourism that chose this enchanting country for long stays.


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