The small but precious common Guardabosone straddles between Valsesia and Valsessera

Almost at the turn of the Sesia Valley and Valsessera, the small but precious common Guardabosone absolutely can not be overlooked during a finding visit to this territory.

Entirely medieval-style, perfectly preserved with a housing recovery intelligent and harmonious

Of ancient origin, the cluster of houses gathered around some important monuments, is entirely medieval-style and, thanks to prudent administrative decisions have occurred over time, even with a perfectly preserved housing recovery intelligent and harmonious.

This definitely why Guardabosone pleaded "Country living museum"; In fact, among the alleys that smell past the bustling hamlet is a Museum of Natural Science, one dedicated to agricultural traditions, the amazing church of Sant'Agata containing many valuable works, but also the Oratory of Our Lady of Luppia and one dedicated to the Virgin of the Wheelbarrow.

The monumental parish will say that it is sort of a primitive church of which there are some columns and a stack for holy water that bears the date of 1582; very interesting the beautiful sundial on the north wall of the church that looks like a double-clock, fully restored in the late '80s.

The happy position then complete the resource of the country, which in summer is also heavily animated, with a wealth of original and popular events, as well as the secondary not recall actually catering and accommodation of good name.


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