Picturesque views, angles to photograph, narrow streets to discover are the characteristics of Valduggia

The basin at the center of which lies Valduggia is scenic mountains, without high peaks but with sweet flowing of the look on the hills dominated by Mount Fenera, on the road called Cremosina, linking the Valsesia to Cusio.

The country has had a past important as it was the capital of the valley below with its own statutes; this historical profile has drawn a physiognomy, that the birthplace of the painter Gaudenzio Ferrari, the geographic location and character valduggese have further outlined under Valsesian.

Even the entrepreneurial will, in ebb from nearby Borgosesia, determined the style valduggese affirming excellence in fields such as knitwear, taps, processing of the bells here has a distant and prestigious tradition.

A country whose visit will not be superficial to many significant ideas of interest

Picturesque views, angles to photograph, narrow streets to discover are the characteristics of the country whose visit will not be superficial for a number of significant points of interest.

The artistic spirit inherited from Gaudenzio remains expressed several frescoes that uncover the visit of the sixteenth and township in the ancient church of San Giorgio Ferrari where you can admire a beautiful crib and, in the nearby chapel of San Rocco, if at some frescoes Ferrari some of his best school; to Lanino and Moray fact attributed other valuables kept in the church.

In the other beautiful village church, Santa Maria, you can admire works of other great like cantaloupes and Peracino, the latter present with beautiful works in San Michele di Rastiglione. And 'This is one of the many beautiful villages which crown in Valduggia, all easy and enjoyable as well Colma, Arlezze, Castagnola, Zuccaro, Valpiana, Merlera. It is a range of locations well distributed, all possible and commendable goals of "another tourism" made of hikers demanding for environmental quality and the harmonious relationship between man and nature, from these tiny settlements that almost always know amply satisfy the most diverse interests.


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