The most developed Centre in Valsesia

Ancient history, environment, enterprise, employment, economy, trade. A sum of prerogatives and excellence characterize the profile of this town valsesiana, industrial and economic capital and most populous of the territory.

Borgosesia has an extensive distribution planning, in the center of a large basin which is also the epicenter of different ways of connection between the neighboring territories of Valsessera, Biella, Vercelli and Novara. Its origins are very remote indeed if treated historians assign the foundation in 14 BC, with the Latin name of Seso later became Borgofranco and finally Borgosesia. They are all different and interesting chapters of the history of Italian mentioning this important center Valsesian, from the Middle Ages to the Napoleonic era, from the Renaissance to the wars of the last century.

Borgosesia draws from his physiognomy propulsive and dynamic many benefits that make it a reference to the social, political and residential tier

The role of undisputed supremacy under working, production and structural joins that of Varallo, capital of the historical, artistic and cultural heritage of the valley; modern dimension fact continues to fuel the movement socioeconomic on industry, trade and productivity in general, divided between wool-textile, metallurgical and food with the presence of prestigious companies and an induced labor mature and prolific.

Obviously Borgosesia draws from this physiognomy propulsive and dynamic many benefits that make it a reference to social, political and residential tier

There are many reasons to visit for the big Borgo Valsesian, starting with his precious parish church dedicated to the Patron Saints Peter and Paul, an imposing seventeenth-century building inside large and bright, which preserves admirable works of Bernardino Lanino, Gaudenzio Ferrari, Tanzio Varallo , Rocca, Gianoli, Zali and others as well as several beautiful antique furnishings: located in the city center where stately and gracious buildings testify to a past distinguished and noble, well preserved despite a strong building development. Borgosesia has the traits of the modern city, full, with large inland scroll, green areas, pedestrian zones and refined environment that make it quite pleasant to visit and habitability. A hill at the southern end of the village is the place where the Sanctuary of St. Anne, with an itinerary of devotional chapels along the way dedicated to the Madonna. Note, absolutely, are the beautiful bridge that leads to the fraction of the Napoleonic Agnona, the central Martyrs Square with the monumental fountain Frascotti and the homonymous Gallery, the Mausoleum of the Fallen, the hospitable green area called Magni Park. Besides its unique museums, paleontology and archeology ethnography and folklore.

About fractions, is just wonderful the entire span Fractional that frames the village in all directions: distributed radially in fact are a myriad of tiny groups living, all of ancient origin, and most beautifully exposed to the sun, some of these (Agnona, Aranco, Ferruta, Foresto, Isolella) once autonomous; these include at least Aranco, Dive, Caneto, Cartiglia, Cravo, Furnace, Isolella, Montrigone, Pianaccia, Rozzo, Vanzone, Valbusaga and many other ... although, as mentioned, are all interesting and worth a surprising and pleasant excursion.

Borgosesia is known everywhere for Carnival, a large, very traditional and sentitissima event that enjoys its own reputation and a special vitality, gained over more than a century old and always supported by a strong popular passion and a lively pace.


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