A balcony overlooking Varallo Sesia Valley and across the Lower

At the gates of Varallo, in the locality of Loreto, begins the road that leads, after a few kilometers of winding path, in Civiasco, independent town but still falling within the territory varallese. The village enjoys a great location: a balcony overlooking the territory south of Varallo, distributed with elegance on the ridge that leads to the Colma Pass Road, from which you descend to Lake Orta.

Formerly simple location of the territory of the Counts of Biandrate, who were based in the underlying Roccapietra, had new and defined borders to the middle of the '500 and acquired over time gradually importance and autonomy.

Its history has left several witnesses in the land of a past noble, aristocratic and distinguished

Civiasco is rightly considered one of the most beautiful countries in the Sesia Valley of the center, favored by geographical location, climate, extended by the arc of sunlight and its history that left several witnesses in the land of a past noble, aristocratic and distinguished. Among the most remarkable are worth mentioning the church of San Gottardo, which has the valuable works sacred and important furnishings, including a statue of the saint of the end '600; the oratory of San Carlo, which has a beautiful facade with frescoes of angels in the early twentieth century style; yet the seventeenth-century shrine of Santa Maria and the oratorios of San Grato and Saint Peter.

A vibrant community and attentive to the needs of the country characterizes the life of this nice village Valsesian, ensuring a discreet tourism a good network of receiving services and traditional animation.

About traditions Civiasco boasts one of the most beautiful women's costumes arc Valsesian, still proudly worn by the ladies of the country for traditional festivals and popular events.


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