Varallo is a vital step within the cognitive, cultural and historic Valsesia

The illustration of this small but very important and extraordinary locations valsesiana, for the infinite aspects that characterize it, would require large spaces and detailed descriptive chapters. Each subject presented by Varallo involves deep interests of the visitor to the monumental wealth and capital, the originality of the environment surrounding its bustling urban fabric, location undoubtedly favored the middle of a wide green valley, bounded by the flow two waters, the Sesia and Mastallone, and topped by a crown of heterogeneous reliefs and mountain peaks on which peeps the Monte Rosa.

Nodal center of the Sesia Valley, which is the capital of cultural and historical, Varallo is indispensable stage in a matter of cognitive Valsesia and a favorite place for the understanding of the soul valsesiana, often destined to lead to passion and often unquenchable love. Contribute to feed different situations, many of which are remote origins, as the Holy Mount, the oldest and the most artistic ones between Piedmont and Lombardy, steeped in a history in which stand out great characters, creators and promoters in the centuries of the well-known varallese culture, still and always manifested in a natural way in the many expressions of modern living.

This makes Varallo that place overflowing of distinction which everyone acknowledges, even just after a first brief visit.

Place of live cultural sites, is also the center of pleasant residential thanks to a targeted series of urban interventions and private construction

Emerge aristocratic features worthy of respect and admiration but also expressions of sympathy that natural vivacity of ideas and animation shines throughout the local society, making the country a place of tourist interest alive even cultural. Today is also the center of pleasant residential thanks to a targeted series of urban interventions and private buildings that have managed to adapt while fascinating profile of the ancient villages Varallo pads remarkable aesthetically functional but essentially required by the fashionable resort.

Varallo therefore ideal city of the twenty first century?
Why not?

The road taken might be the right one considering the efforts made in these recent times; if you complete the projects, in good agreements between public and private institutions, the design of the near future with a permanent and definitive resolution never neglected tourist, already so well marked today, could really materialize and placed full among the destinations more attractive and interesting of '"other tourism".

A Varallo has never lost sight of the "human scale", is respecting the environment in which the town is located both in the increasingly moderate expressions building that keeping alive its original flow, keeping wards and districts a past that distributes harmony and style to the entire town.


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