The country of the two bell towers.

Together with Alagna creates one large pool of high tourist and environmental. E 'from Riva Valdobbia that you will enjoy the best view of Mount Rosa,

unparalleled in any other country Valsesian thanks to the location of the village situated on a point very favorite, sweet, attractive and spectacular.

More than other locations, Riva retains a charm of the past palpable in every part of the country. The cultural contributions of the nineteenth century are found in buildings, in the style of the village, even in its inhabitants who are aware and jealously retain the atmosphere gracefully and social respect. It 'very popular in every season being the gateway to the Valley Vogna, picturesque area of ​​high Valsesia.

Winds along the bottom of a crown of peaks dominated by the White Horn and ridges that are a prelude to the first of the Rosa glaciers. With this framing we understand the landscape Rivese, marked and appreciated, both geographically and culturally, by anyone to rise to visit this high Valsesian territory.

Well inserted in this context is the easy cross-country skiing, which opens into an open stage for several kilometers in length. It can be said that all construction rivesi exhibit traits of interest with obvious stylistic aristocracy; extraordinary the monumental church of San Michele Arcangelo, the village square, popular for distinct note of two pointed steeples, the wings of the grand facade painted dall'alagnese Melchiorre D'Enrico who plays the "Last Judgement".

Around the elegant lines of the City Palace, old hotels, the headquarters of the Society of Mutual Aid, a delightful little theater in Art Nouveau style with valuable frescature. Treasures of art and faith are present in many small speakers: San Rocco in the town center, the Immaculate "to Isolello, San Pietro to Balma, Anthony in Vogna beyond, Santa Croce to Buzzo, San Gaudenzio all'Oro, Sant 'Antonio homonymous village in Val Vogna, San Grateful to Peccia.

On the road between Riva and Alagna, the "Twin Stones", two large rocks that surround the territories of the two countries, once gathered right under this designation.


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