Country daredevil who defied the wrath of the mountain and it is placed on the path of avalanches

Minute, collected and characteristic of this country aboard Sesia, located right at the foot of the mountains that surround governed by Sajunchè. Mollia in the framework of the countries of the valley Sesia has become famous in history to be lying on the "way of the avalanche," almost periodically precipitated downstream from gullies above, determining insulation and torments. This characteristic feature has made itself the land site to a non-hotel tourism expanding.

The country is so ospitalissimo, lovely and lively, thanks to an efficient network of public services and good craft activities

Very extended its territory in a good position, with high mountain pastures and lush green pastures, a prelude to the head of the valley from which absorbs the air crisp and pure that make the visit a pleasant and rewarding Mollia a moment of discovery valsesiana.

Suggestive clusters of typical houses scattered around the center; submission sites of a brand alpine living in which we distinguish the characteristics of the culture Walser. Goreto, Grampa, Molino, Piana Fontana and still Viana Piana, Piana Toni, House Capietto. In each of this small fraction is manifest style Valsesian old that just the Walser imprinted with their alpine civilization.

The church is dedicated to St. John the Baptist and preserves a beautiful wooden altar, frescoes by Antonio Orgiazzi the Old, large canvases of the painter Gianoli of nearby Campertogno, and furniture and wooden furniture of excellent workmanship; missed the Via Crucis painted by Peracino on the walls of the colonnade to the delimitation of the old cemetery. Oratories and churches molliesi are a preciousness of art and faith with excellent frescoes of good conservation.

Even the theater, dating back to 800, is worth a visit today, after conservation and restoration operated in the country peropportune administrative decisions.

The eco resort includes the curiosity among the ancient Mill Forge Piana Fontana who own providential and careful restoration has allowed to admire its particularity and the important function exploited in the past.


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