environment Fobello, solar and majestic and gentle profile of the village make the landscape pleasant and peaceful

That "beautiful site of the Valley", the "Good Fò" that "beech that Fobel gave the name" as written on the emblem that stands in the Town Hall of the country, it is encountered after passing the location of the Bridge of the Two waters, place on the confluence of Mastallone and Landwasser, coming from the adjacent valley of Rimella and the many narrow rocky road that have left the cliffs on the river.

 Geological oddities, so far consistent with the rest of the territory that has constantly tormented visual instead prelude to quite different views.

environment Fobello, solar and majestic and gentle profile of the village make the landscape pleasant and peaceful

Fobello, the capital of this feature of the land valsesiana, is in fact lying on an open, relaxed and green basin that is unimaginable in the previous path, all ingolato between high cliffs.

It 'a widening natural, according to the impressions typical mountain leading full appreciation of the more it rises to the top; environment Fobello is solar and majestic and gentle profile of the village make the scenery pleasant and peaceful, justifying the popular name of this corner Valsesian in "Emerald Basin" that makes the frame to the territories of Fobello and Cervatto.

 Even the name that you would like derived from the presence of "Bei Fò" (dialect Fò going to beech) is probably legendary while it seems more appropriate to call the place "beautiful bottom" because undoubtedly always been a favorite resort of the valley for the herding a time.
Two hamlets of the village with a few houses nicely refurbished and so the entrance nell'aristocratica locations immediately noticeable from distinct tone of its buildings and stately arrangement of the village. Immediate sensations that are felt in contrast to the visible sense of depopulation mountain that, despite efforts by various generous administrations, it could not stop.

The charm of Fobello is still strong and communicative, for its refinement and the beautiful tone scattered in every corner of the center and the districts, with residential villas and stately building valuable testimonies.

Things to see are many: the ancient church of San Giacomo, rebuilt after numerous flood devastation in various periods with many valuable works of '500/600 by local artists, a wonderful choir, stained glass windows and an altarpiece in the sacristy century opera Gian Giacomo Testa with the Mysteries of the Rosary; the Via Crucis, a theory of agile chapels scattered on the gentle slopes surrounding the center, beautifully painted by painters such as Borsetti and Orgiazzi, particularly prodigal of masterpieces in this area. Following the sequence of the chapels of the Cross takes a complete turn of the country, with striking angles and visual surprises, mirror housing impression of quality and a certain pomp, well conjugated with the mountain style, these aspects that make a Fobello visited the country in the context absolutely Valsesian.

And still notable the Municipal House, with the busts of the benefactors of the country, in a position above the imposing "Villa Lancia" house-museum of Vincenzo Lancia, the fobellese founder of the legendary carmaker, the Museum's Permanent Puncetto, with an extraordinary display of this precious embroidery in the valley and Fobello in particular has its original matrix; and the Famine Museum-Tirozzo with collections of high historical value. The cemetery near the church is worth a close look: it was designed by Antonelli and has always been considered the most collected in the valley.

Impossible to exhaust the description of the country without at least name the fractional arc, composed of twenty-three elected places, sights, well distributed and today enviable places of residence and alternative tourism.

All lay on the green carpet of the "Emerald Basin" are today crucial component of the life of the country. In villages are building significant presences, with multi-storey buildings which comply with precise architectural principles that the prowess of generations of masons and master builders created with multi family concepts that seem to defy the decentralization mountain and isolation. In addition to these important buildings, only present in this valley, but there is also the realization of extraordinary residences and stately, like the Villa Musy, now one of the most praised of Fobello.

 The names of the fractions all refer to areas where there were as Costa, Golf, Cimalcampo, Riva, Belvedere, Res to name, or some line of the family who founded the first houses: Catognetto, Catravaglino, Cagianolo. Since many of these fractions climb towards the peaks that encircle the basin fobellese, with absolute guarantees of scenic beauty and satisfaction hiking with unforgettable emotions overall.


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