the lookout Val Mastallone

Looking up from Fobello attracts the beautiful exposition of the overlying Cervatto, last village in the valley, on the left side of the mountainous Mastallone.

excellent residential, resource that makes Cervatto always been a special place

A strong gradient seems to separate from Fobello Cervatto but in fact the country is easily reached with a comfortable and panoramic carriage, like a balcony overlooking the majestic opening of the basin.

An excellent location distinguishes this small cluster of homes mountain alternated stately villas, among which stands the castle of Montaldo, built on a hilltop in the late nineteenth century and today transformed into an elegant residence; a family that of Montaldo that brought benefits to the town since that time decided to focus on the excellent residential, resource that still makes Cervatto a special place.

The description of the environment Cervatto can only make use of superlatives because no other country has so much Valsesian view: the valley of Fobello, the tops of Baranca, many of fractions fobellesi scattered on the ridges of the mountain, the peaks of Kaval, the Tracciora, the Punta Castle with their pastures and tormented ridges that divide the valley from that of adjoining Rimella. A hail panoramic views, possible only by high peaks and here rather enjoyable with a few turns of a good road.

They are comfortable in even the parking lots at the beginning of the country, a few steps before the square on which stand the Town Hall, with the busts of its illustrious past and the elegant portico facing that of the beautiful parish church, with medallions painted by brothers Avondo, frescoes De Dominici, the beautiful altar of Our Lady of the Rosary, furnishings and decorations and fittings, including interior decoration of Marco Berra.

From the square can begin the short drive to visit the country, from Montaldo Castle to the church of St. John the Baptist and the indispensable visit to the Via Crucis, as in Fobello strewn along the country, painted in his quattordiici stations by brothers Lorenzo and Giovan Battista Peracino and then restored by the painter Francesco varallese Burlazzi.

Worth a visit to the residential area of ​​the country, between beautiful homes and corners on which there are small devotional chapels, as well as significant is certainly the tour fractional Oro Negro, Cadvilli, Cadian, Giavina, Deer Field, Orlino, Taponaccio in .. each of these places the spirit of a summer tourism, from "second home" that lets in summer to bring a large number of appearances throughout the area.

So in Cervatto perhaps more than elsewhere is a palpable relationship between man and environment of great value; evidence that some brought in time and attentions choices in size of balance and conservation, qualities that have made this country a place elected, one of the most special of the territory Valsesian.


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