The gem of Campertogno is the Valley Artogna rich backgrounds grandiose, of roaring gorges, waterfalls and lively poetic lakes

It 'a great and beautiful country of high Valsesia which is distinguished by the presence of a living elegant profile, with residences of tone and vibrancy of its own, to and fro of the Sesia that crosses forcing houses to appear on the river, particular aspect that gives it a poetic character.

In ancient times it was the most densely populated country in the Val Grande and this social density has imprinted a dynamic character still found a bit 'everywhere.

In the middle of the country the old bridge crosses the Sesia and connects the two banks in a single center populous and animated that make the distinction of Campertogno.

The church, dedicated to St. James, is great though narrow spaces too narrow for such a monumental architecture, designed by Bernardo Vittone and then modified by Juvarra; has an amazing balcony that protrudes directly on the road below and a large façade which suggests the vastness of the interior, which houses the works of good schools of painting, now composed in the adjacent small but precious Museum of Sacred Art, which is accessed through the church of the Brotherhood of Santa Marta by Guarino Guarini, with a splendid altar rich friezes and gilding.

Campertogno enumerates its realities in these testimonies of ancient churches and works of great interest that attest to the special vocation of this location for art, that faith has exalted for ever. Campertogno fact are artists like Pier Francesco Gianoli, Pier Celestino Gilardi, Camillo Verno, Bartholomew Ravello, Luke Hammer, Gaudenzio Sceti, Giuseppe Gianoli Marchino and brothers, all exponents d 'artistic genius who contributed greatly to the flowering of religious art and valsesiana in his own country and in open territory fractional extraordinary testimonies left with an endless series of chapels, oratories and votive churches.

The beautiful "Villa Gianoli" visible on the bottom of the country, is today a remarkable hotel with excellent level that puts this basin of the valley in the middle of tourist interests in constant expansion.

The country, once based on a predominantly agricultural economy, thanks to interventions like this and constant attention to the choices and investments, has a full appreciation of tourism and culture which stands activity quality theater, housed in the Multipurpose Center Between Dolcino, which is based in the small, beautiful theater completely restored.


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