Balmuccia arose in the shelter of deep cracks ranges, a feature that makes it special and charming

The village is situated on the border between the Lower Great Valley that begins north of Varallo and the Superior from here dates back to Alagna and the confluence with the Sesia Sermenza the stream that bisects its inhabited.

Balmuccia, whose name means "small balma" ie a split of the mountain, is in fact a typical resort totally sort of deep cracks close ranges and this characteristic makes it very unique and impressive.

The mountains "split" on the bottom of which lies the country are the peaks and ridges of the Teeth of Gavala Dinelli, beyond which you enter in the upper part of the valley.

Sights different, therefore, open only to the Valsermenza, also called Valpiccola, who is recognized, from the village center, the houses of the Red Army.

The inhabited for centuries has preserved its original appearance with typical building, roofing harmonious in piode, care and conservation of the ancient; many homes have the lines of good architecture valsesiana, giving the country an elegant tone.

Notables certainly the stone bridge that crosses the Sermenza and that bisects the country and the seventeenth-century parish church of Santa Margherita

clean lines and clean with several valuable works kept inside, like the wooden altar of the Madonna del Rosario, an altarpiece with finely gilded columns and various works Orgiazzi also in the adjacent ancient ossuary.

On an old building nearby, a historic and valuable that once was the seat of the Consuls of the Two Valleys (matrix that ended in time to influence the creation of the Consortium Val Pitta) today houses the Institute Comprehensive School, in ideal location for the centrality of the countries of the two neighboring valleys.

Just above the country's pace of Dinelli above which is the Oratory of Our Lady, santuarietto of deep popular devotion, with a facade painted dall'Avondo; was held with great care by careful vestry that preserves both the artistic components both heard and spread devotional value, expressed on the occasion of the Madonna del Carmine.


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