Alagna Valsesia
Alagna Valsesia

Gorgeous gem Alpine foothills of Mount Rosa

The most important center of tourism Valsesian, Alagna is the extreme head of the Val Grande, at the foot of Monte Rosa massif, where born the Sesia, where he completed the distribution housing valligiana and begin the harshness alpine. The elegant, historic township alagnese is characterized in the local context with many activities, linked to a dynamic community life and culture that often put it at the center of important conferences and events.

Just think of the Walser culture for which Alagna is distinguished style, speech, history, traditions, resources with a hive of activity and structural realities such as the Museum Walser in Pedemonte, the Living Museum which contemplates the recovery of old houses, the Study Centre Walser with high-level scientific conferences, the Theatre Union, the folk group "Im Land". Of these distant inhabitants of the territory, the most impressive and ancient architectural remains are visible throughout fractional Alagna (twenty fractions high, away from traffic and enjoyable with short walks from the village center) alone is reason for great tourist attraction.

The discovery of the village, between ancient and now cleverly rehabilitated roads that wind between neighborhoods and narrow houses of historical architecture, has many pleasant surprises and reasons of broad interest to tourists, including environment and monumentality.

On all the late Gothic parish church of San Giovanni Battista, with many treasures of art and crafts, such as soapstone pulpit, the altar Baroque wooden carved and gilded, the statues of Giovanni D'Enrico, the altarpieces of the '500 , furnishings, stucco decorations, up to the bell tower of 1564, the ancient cemetery with "huszaichen", the symbols of the House of the oldest local families.

Of course to serve as a powerful engine of local tourism is the mountain of the house and its grand ski basin; Alagna depart from all the more challenging hikes on Rosa, to reach its highest refuges and enjoy the amazing charm of its high peaks; around the basin alagnese and extended to the borders with the Valle d'Aosta, the lovely, envied resource skiing, the Monterosa Ski, an area that represents a small "Alpine power" freeride Italian, a real paradise for skiers.


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