The Geopark is a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the Upper Piedmont worldwide

The Geopark Sesia Valley Grande arises from the common will of the Association geo-tourism Supervolcano Valsesia non-profit organization and the National Park of Val Grande, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding at the end of 2012 have brought together a dossier of application for admission as a geopark in network European and World Geoparks, under the auspices of UNESCO. A Geopark has in fact an active role in the economic development of its territory and has to make a positive impact on the living conditions of its inhabitants and the environment.

Both were in fact actually already working for some time, on the one hand for the recognition of the territories of the Geopark Valsesia, Valsessera Prealps of Biella, Novara Hills High Val Strona and placed at the area occupied by the fossil supervolcano, similar to the other recognition of different geological singularity and the territory of the national park Val Grande and surrounding areas from the media until the Ossola valley Cannobina. The territory covers 214,000 hectares. The importance of the Geopark is essentially the number of municipalities that comprise it and support it and who are now well-85, with a significant commitment of the local community.

Joining the Park and the Association have pledged to share not only the principles of conservation of the geological heritage of the territories concerned promoted worldwide network of Geoparks, but also policies for the protection, growth and economic development of the heritage geological present in the territory, and actions to safeguard and promote tangible and intangible evidence directly and indirectly related to the geological peculiarities of territorial basis (collections, artifacts, archeology, industrial and mining, etc.).

After only nine months, the project was approved and in September 2013 in Ascea (SA) in the National Park of Cilento-Geopark, Vallo di Diano and Alburni took place the proclamation ceremony, during the 12th World Conference of Geoparks.

The Sesia Valley Grande Geopark is now the 9th Italian Geopark and the 100th in the world. Italy is thus to be the second country in the world by number of Geoparks, after China.

For the period 2013-2017 the headquarters is located at the National Park of Val Grande, after validation of 2017 will pass in Valsesia at the Association. The Scientific Committee enjoys the presence of well-eight Italian and foreign universities.

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