The Sacro Monte of Varallo, the beauty of the place, for his testimony of faith and art, is a unique monument of its kind.

It must necessarily widen and deepen the discussion of this incredible monument varallese inserted between the protected sites of "Unesco World Heritage" (for that is indispensable a reference to specific pages dedicated to the monument).

This place is one of the most beautiful and important in absolute among many similar spread in Europe.

Complete and satisfactory, both in strong and centuries-old spiritual component, both admirable and unique contribution in the centuries offered by the painting, plastic, architectural, the Sacro Monte of Varallo is the great treasure inimitable city but it is also bright beacon for devotion of the whole Valsesia. Around the story of a remarkable Sacro Monte, incessant contribution of universal devotion, but also of studies, theses, scientific conferences to high levels to fully understand the message, deeply woven into the socio-cultural context.

The Management Authority of the Sacred Mountains of Piedmont, who succeeded politically to the Special Nature Reserve, oversees the care and management of the site in its artistic enclosed in forty-four chapels on the life of Christ, and extended great natural and environmental resources.

The site continues to be a destination for high Marian devotion: the Basilica of the Assumption, the most important chapel of the Shrine, flows every year a large mass of pilgrims from every corner of Italy and Europe; turnout in growth that confirms the inspired primitive conception of the place and certifies Catholic worship to the Virgin on a model of the real and communicating grip on the faithful.

From the viewpoint of the square of the Sacred Mountain is able to enjoy the most beautiful and complete view of the city, which embraces a breathtaking panorama, its whole extent, from the curves of Roccapietra south to the entrance to the north of the road to Valgrande of the Sesia.


The Museum

A small page of information alone what is now possible to open this minor but not insignificant reality of artistic and cultural resource of Varallo. The old Museum of Sacro Monte is still unfortunately closed and its assets hidden from the eyes of all, despite many administrations have had desire and you have worked to re-assign full recovery and recycling.

He was the director and curator of the Holy Mountain and the Pinacoteca prof. Emilio Contini that immediately after the war he dreamed the permanent realization of this museum, whose assets consists of works of art, sacred furniture and art objects related entirely to the Sanctuary. The goods collected by Contini were reordered and placed first in the House Valgrana and then from '50, in the halls of Casa Parella, both important buildings of the Sacred Mountain.

Over the years, long gone, where it was still possible to visit the bright but unfortunately no longer fit for use salt, facing directly on the square of the Basilica, The favor found by visitors and pilgrims was very high, fueling significantly the tourist appeal of the sacred place.

Heritage preserved by the Museum deserve mention all the beautiful paintings inspired by the Holy Mount of important painters like Arienta, the Avondo, the Contini, the Pianazzi The original statue of "Pescatorello" a copy of which restored overlooking the beautiful fountain in Piazza Testori at the entrance of the Sacred Mountain, the ancient monuments and finely carved urns of the Sleeping Lady, an interesting collection of ancient objects of popular faith that has always accompanied the centuries frequenting the place, and vestments of the religious life of the Sanctuary and very more.

The hope General, who is also the purpose of this web page is that it extends the awareness towards its total and urgent recovery, so relocating to the Sacred Mountain this additional resource of culture and art, as they wanted the story and the characters that have written, with decades of sacrifice and passionate work.

Sacro Monte di Varallo

Sacro Monte di Varallo
13019 Varallo - Vercelli
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