Pinacoteca di Varallo
Pinacoteca di Varallo

The Pinacoteca di Varallo collects about 3,300 works of considerable value ascribed by the fifteenth to the twentieth century

The Pinacoteca di Varallo is an amazing, amazing reality valsesiana, among the primary cultural and tourist resources of the city and the whole valley. Established in 1875 by "... a group of people who set out to safeguard and protect the artistic present in Valsesia" gathered all the art materials purchased in various ways from the historical Society of Encouragement to the Design Studio and opened to the public as a permanent art gallery whose cultural significance was immediately recognized and appreciated.

today presents a collection of exceptional value with a wide range of paintings ranging from the fifteenth to the twentieth century

Without going into depth on the complex topic - for which it is essential to recall specific links - you can say that over time, thanks to enlightened conduction and munificent bequests, it has become one of the most important of Piedmont. Magnified by time in its prestigious Palazzo dei Musei in the city center, the Art Gallery today presents a collection of exceptional value with a wide range of paintings ranging from the fifteenth to the twentieth century.

Major renovation and reorganization exhibition have given to the bright and spacious rooms of his home a modern profile and usable by a growing number of visitors, creating a museum distinguished and qualified, fully integrated with the above Calderini Museum, the other cultural reality first level of the city.

Are quite remarkable, among the more than three thousand works kept in the Pinacoteca varallese, the examples of ancient sculpture, some coming from the Holy Mountain and recently restored, the frescoes of the '400, the largest collection of works by the two great local artists, Gaudenzio Ferrari and Antonio d'Enrico, said Tanzio Varallo, considered the greatest representative Valsesian seventeenth-century painting, now recognized at the national level. Tanzio of the Art Gallery retains the core of his work.

Among the artists with works of great value can be cited Giuseppe Antonio Pianca, Pier Francesco Gianoli, Lombards and Joseph Stefano Danedi, Giulio Cesare Luini, Pier Celestino Gilardi, Carlo Borsetti and many others. Important refined collection of drawings and sketches of Tanzio, Ferrari, Cerano and Morazzone.

Quite remarkable collection of Italian majolica Franks: 165 splendid artifacts displayed in two rooms designed by architect Venegoni, a unique set that constitutes eloquent example of refinement in the decoration and in the search for expression of excellent craft shops, from the Renaissance onwards .

Of the core exhibition of the Art Gallery is also part of the adjacent deconsecrated and renovated church of San Carlo, expertly redeveloped as an exhibition space with salt and interesting itineraries; are preserved splendid works recently restored, reflecting the strong artistic tradition valsesiana, made possible thanks to the synergy and sensitivity among "Companies Encouraging the study of the design and Conservation of works of art in Valsesia Onlus" and Rotary Club Valsesia, for years engaged in the recovery of the monumental and artistic heritage that characterizes the area.

Pinacoteca di Varallo

Via Pio Franzani 2
13019 Varallo - Vercelli
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