Archaeological finds from the Roman period, of historical memories, sacred objects of use and common use

The small museum has been designed and implemented in order to preserve the considerable artistic heritage, history and folklore of Serravalle and the surrounding territory. And 'owned by the Curia bishop of Vercelli and was opened in the late fifties in the castle of Avondo, important building in the historic center Serravalle.

The priest Don Florindo Piolo which is dedicated was an illustrious personalities of Serravalle as unforgotten teacher, scholar, historian, writer and researcher who was also involved in the social field; it was he who ordered the headquarters of the neo Gothic Castle the first nucleus of what would become the current Museum of the History of Art and Antiquities.

fascinating heterogeneous collection of a distant past, making available the new generations

His exhibition occupies the entire ground floor of the building and is divided into four rooms currently under renovation and is therefore not accessible to the public; consists of many archaeological finds from Roman times, in historical, sacred objects of use and common use, an interesting collection of art paintings Piedmont and an archive of manuscripts, prints and documents. Various related Serravalle. Don Piolo gathered all this material, heterogeneous testimony of a distant past, to make it available to new generations lasting memory of his country and the territory of the hillside community of Valsesia.

Museo di Storia d’Arte e Antichità Don Florindo Piolo

Via del Torchio, 10 int 4
13037 Serravalle Sesia - Vercelli
Tel. 0163 450102

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