a statement of the preciousness of the old traditional styles Valsesian and an unforgettable lifestyle

The collection of the Historical and Ethnographic Museum of Folklore Borgosesia has hosted since 1977, the year of its foundation, the former chapel of Social Works of the building of the Manufacture of Lane Borgosesia and is the result of the passion of a group of "folklorini" borgosesiani who have strongly backed the construction to rebuild the historical identity and folk valsesiana.

exposure eloquent and spectacular of the preciousness of the ancient styles Valsesian and an unforgettable lifestyle

In this amazing cultural reality borgosesiana you experience the traits of a great and painstaking labor of love that has facilitated the creation of an eloquent exposition of the preciousness of the old traditional styles Valsesian and an unforgettable lifestyle.

There are tools for local craftsmanship as spinning, fortresses, frames, stencils walnut, blankets and sheets in hemp spun and woven by hand, reconstructions of interiors with original furniture, everyday objects, musical instruments with traditional music and scrolls jewelery and precious artifacts valsesiana rich garnets and filigree.

Of particular relevance is the section devoted to the traditional costumes of the valley with the valuable ornaments of the clothes made puncetto the Folk Group of Borgosesia has known for years thanks to revalue its constant and passionate activities.

The traditional costume of Borgosesia worn by members of the folk group is rich indeed of these features: the women wear a dress in red silk in the shape of the '600 with white shirt, apron, lace, brocade pectoral, seals and silver buttons, socks red shoes in black silk with green ribbons; hairstyle head is full of pins in silver filigree and ribbons brocade; a jacket in black cloth with silver buttons and cuffs bright shawls ancient chapel and a large basket full traditional shape the "look" feminine; the clothing of the men consists instead in a grenade or purple tunic with sleeves green or green with sleeves grenade, nutty pants to his knees, socks grenade, leather shoes, scarf and lace cuffs, wide-brimmed brown felt, buttons silver filigree.

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