Ice Rosa Ring, A Race Track Set In The Uncontaminated Slopes Of The Monte Rosa Massif

After having tried ice karting on the frozen circuits of the Rosa, expert pilots have declared that a similar karting experience can only be enjoyed in Lapland…

Ice Rosa Ring, a race track set in the uncontaminated slopes of the monte rosa massif

Even this new, fun and accessible sport on an icy track can be practiced in the mountains of the Valsesia; best enjoyed on splendid sunny days. The circuit is called Ice Rosa Ring and is naturally traced out within a one-of-a-kind pristine setting within the slopes of the Monte Rosa massif.

The circa 1-km course has been approved by the relevant sports authorities and the resulting attention from karting enthusiasts was immediate — tourism for the sport attracts the gutsy and stylish who are in search of new emotions.

The practice of karting on this circuit comes with available assistance, expert guides, helmets and special vehicles that make the sport extremely easy to get into and a blast to ride!


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