This particular country Valsesian is the last that is encountered in the itinerary of Val Grande Lower

This particular country Valsesian is the last that is encountered in the itinerary of the Lower Great Valley, before Balmuccia; a dislocation-free horizon, for its entire length surrounded by the waters of the Sesia that determines a good part of the community vitality with its resources sports and nature. In his tract vocchese the Sesia is particularly attractive in the practice of rafting, canoeing and kayaking, whose major schools are based in the country.

The name derives from "oveca", also found in the beak Ovaga, commonly called Res, the accessible, popular top than near the now near Varallo where you can enjoy a beautiful landscape, even to the Rose.

On the long straight that crosses the village vocchese, in a well-demarcated stands the majestic St. Maurice Church dating from the second half of the '700, built on classical architectural patterns and solemn, with several similar findings in the area.

Formerly Vocca was part of the parish of Varallo then acquiring a distinct importance that made it through the centuries distinguished for jurisdiction, devotion and artistic contributions, as many of the sacred works here preserved bearing famous names like Orgiazzi, De Dominici, De Grott , Flemish artist with works preserved in Collegiate in Varallo.

Island an ancient typical hanging bridge crossing a crop reaches inhabited beyond which opens the panorama of the Val Grande

Note overlooking the town hall as well as the different, rehabilitated homes near the central core of the country, with good building profiles, that are found in the villages of Sassiglioni, Mogliane, Fossati; the most advanced fraction is instead Island, after the town of Bettola, with a few scattered hamlets but with an ancient typical suspension bridge crossing the river, reaching a harvest agglomeration living beyond which opens the Valgrande with his first landscapes, between the ridges of the narrow valley and the peaks of Gavala Pisse, Dry, nozzle until Giavine Rosse, a part of the mountain landslide with reddish boulders scattered along the entire ridge from time immemorial, has become a characteristic, however, important point of the geological framework the territory.

Once the location of vocchese Mogliane was popular for good craft business of packaging of wooden baskets, panniers and cots Valsesian are today sought "pieces" of antiques.


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