the first town you come in Valmastallone, after the entrance north of Varallo

Geographically this very sunny cluster of dwellings scattered along a ridge between Mount Capio and Massa Turlo, tops are popular with hikers Valsesian, is the first town you come in Valmastallone, after the entrance north of Varallo, overcome the loops of Gula.

It is a beautiful natural terrace, sunny and dominant throughout the first part of this deep valley.

arts and crafts contribute to the well-preserved nobility of the place, both in homes, such as churches, chapels and monuments

A prime location was chosen for the foundation of the community sabbiese, which favored the place with many names (riviera, hill of flowers ..) and with the concentration of different activities and characters of ingenuity and resourcefulness, who did their job label stood for generations of immigrants, then reported in the country to embellish the profile and more generally the social and economic framework Valsesian.

The rustic dwellings took on characteristics important residential and arts and crafts concurred to the well preserved nobility of the place, both in homes as churches, chapels, monuments.

Around the central core of the country, a smooth crown of hamlets that make the visit interesting and varied; each can present a source of interest and curiosity, especially from an artistic with countless contributions and testimonies of a past full of genius and strong devotion.

Among those to be reported Brugaro, accessible by car, but to explore on foot, in order to grasp the most iconic stretches, from intact from a distant past and still jealously preserved to modern times.

Destination favored by popular worship the shrine of Our Lady of Ember, dedicated to the Virgin Mary that appeared on the occasion of a fire caused by two children, then miraculously turned off.


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