The valley of the Walser Valley Mastallone

Some claim that can not be said to know the Valsesia unless you visited Rimella, of ancient foundation by the first colonies Walser who obtained supplies on the territories of this high alpine region, to settle there permanently and definitive.

Rimella has absorbed since those distant times the character of Walser culture, still found in the dialect, in homes, in lifestyle.

Today the center of the Natural Park Alta Valsesia the town is filled with one character that stands for truth from the rest of the countries and the people valsesiana: a tenacity marked by life not easy for a place so far, a provision almost regular and massive buildings powerful, between wood and stone, with care and great detail; solidity and style on all terraces of the country and its fractions which are another characteristic feature of the place.

Rimella presents particular aspects in the overall framework of the Sesia Valley so as to make one's visit

Beyond the dissertations on the name, you would want Derived From "Remalliju" (prunings in this valley contrasting beautiful beeches of nearby Fobello) or small Rima, which is another country Valsesian colonized by Walser, Rimella presents really special aspects in the overall framework of the Sesia Valley so unique as to make the visit.

Is reached after the Ponte described the Two Waters, onto the long valley of Landwasser which leaves on the left the Mastallone.

Bitterness and narrowness of the environment, in the din of the meandering river, passing in a widening of the road, the chapel of Our Lady of the Noise, of ancient origin and strong local devotion, will continue for several miles, leaving little space to the eye immediately fulfilled instead by the fraction lowest in the country, the Grodno, well exposed to the sun and the first panoramic effect, quiet and a little 'enchanted. From here you can see the core of the village lies on a hill with a steep harmonious range of homes.

Rimella fact develops harmoniously around its "center" or "Church", as he calls his most direct terrace, on which stands the majestic church of San Michele Arcangelo, the most beautiful of the valley much to feel it a basilica between mountains.

Many artists of value that contributed to embellish the interior: Giuseppe Mazzola of Valduggia, the Gambini, The Peracino, Francesco and Michele Cusa, the carver who worked rossese Fontana impressive choir, and yet the contributions of painters such as Scolari The Guala and many more flourishing of art schools of the Sesia Valley. In addition to numerous works of art that can be seen even in smaller chapels and oratories, and attractive housing provisions, visited in the up and down of its terraces, note the presence, always in the town center, a small but valuable Museum payable to Giovanni Battista Filippa, recently upgraded exposition of its historical and documentary collections, coins, antique books, material naturalistic art objects and artifacts of various kinds.

Strong country in the culture of hospitality and good tourist accommodation, since ancient times label marked the area with structures that did era and which were very pleasant appearances.

The Centro Studi Walser that works to maintain and knowledge of the traditional heritage of those early German settlers, the influences derived from this culture are found also in the villages, as in San Gottardo, which was the original core of Walser settlement, with notable old houses making unit for the people who live there, as Grodno, Villa Lower and Upper, Prati, Sella, until the village High St George, which continue for the nozzle of Colma and descend to Campello Monti, now incorporated in the the Val Strona. Other remarkable villages of the area rimellese west of the Church, are Pianello, Riva, Roncaccio, St. Anthony and St. Anne, all places named here in Italian but known to Rimella in the German dialect of old.

In short, a village unique in its typicality that perhaps in itself really is a Valsesia particular, still able to speak of an unforgotten past history with a language that fascinates and captures strong emotions in everyone who visits.


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