Charming and panoramic views of missed visits to locations around the country with places linked to popular devotion

Center survey of land along the banks of which develops Sesia, Piode is a country of tourism resources and good lure holiday. Placed in the open position, in mid-valley, heralds the alpine atmosphere more pronounced north while retaining an atmosphere protected by the peaks that surround it, the little man, the Ovago, the Bo, The Beak of the Guard, the Ventolaro, Cima of Balme.

The two sides of the country are among locally connected by a solid, smooth three-arched bridge: interesting on both sides of the country with its profile building houses and alleyways that give the village center has an elegant and fresh.

Good and deserved the reputation of dairy Piode with a dairy production excellence appreciated everywhere

Access to land is preceded by a residential area and the dairy good and deserved notoriety with cheese and dairy production appreciated everywhere; the church of Santo Stefano, monumental and with a standing bell tower traces its radical reconstruction to the middle of '700 on the ruins of a pre-existing ancient chapel: as all the churches of Valsesia, is another place of faith but also of art exalted with paintings Gianoli, Peracino, a polyptych of Gaudenzio, an ancient altar, frescature Orgiazzi, marble decorations.

Interesting also the church of San Giovanni in the town center with beautiful frescoes of Melchiorre d'Enrico.

Piode owes its name to the slabs of a mineral, the shale, whose quarries are present in the area, which are characteristic and precious roofing for houses Valsesian true.

Absolutely charming and panoramic views of missed visits to locations around the country, and Piedimeggiana Riale, with places linked to popular devotion as the Madonna delle Pietre Grosse, a chapel erected between giant boulders just steps from the country, or that of the Madonna " Prapola "in a solitary corner of the district; going up the road, you will reach the pasture of Meggiana, in a wonderful position and pearl of a growing alternative tourism, which offers a wide view over the valley of the Rose. Still in the territory rassese, after the bridge of Quare, two other locations are well integrated into the landscape: Dughera and Piana, with old houses well exposed at noon, almost classic postcards of mountain pastures.


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