The oldest country in the whole Val Mastallone.

The territory of this municipality formerly comprised the entire valley of Mastallone Cravagliana being the capital, the most populous and the parish center and was shown on the documents of the "caput vallis" role preserved over time even if the criteria of population density of these beautiful places in the valleys today are very different from the past.

it seems that time is marked more slowly, giving the country, the region and finally to all this valley, a more ancient

And 'the oldest town in the Valsesia according to local history that assigns the name "Crepaliana" for placement between the "cracks" of the looming mountains. Geologically its own territory is split in two, profile that is felt for a long stretch and that makes the place special and exclusive.

So, unlike other countries of the valley, lies in a narrow-free horizon, featuring rustic corners everything here seems to bitterness and painful mountain life. Just Cravagliana seems that time is marked more slowly, giving the country, the area, and finally to all this valley a more ancient.

Precious parish church that has played for centuries role epicenter vicar with the assignment until seventy churches and cliques of the district: elegant architecturally it houses plenty of artistic presence prominent among which the Via Crucis Peracino and beautiful paintings of Gaudenzian school, with a beautiful table of Luini; beautiful carved wooden altar dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary.

All angles to see, photograph, remember those unearthed in fractions, on the right bank of the Mastallone from Pianaronda, to Roncaccio, Redwing, Ordovago, Meula, reachable by comfortable carriage roads with bridges and ancient pedestrian crossings, and further north Nosuggio in beautiful open position on Mastallone, Sottonoci, Grassura, Saliceto, Voj.

With Fobello and Rimella, Cravagliana is a place of distinction for Valsesian style, characteristic of customs, traditions and customs. The center is also enlivened by appearances extralberghiere good reputation and appeal and a strong political vitality, social and cultural.


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