Exceptional Thrillsthat Can Only Be Experienced On The Boundless Pure White Mountain Slopes Of The Rosa Valley

Valsesia is a Freeride paradise. Among all winter sports, freeride has earned the top spot and has become a permanent feature in the white mountain setting of theValsesia as it now represents an attraction par excellence offered to tourists.

Exceptional Thrills that can only be experienced on the boundless pure white mountain slopes of the Rosa valley

Freeride Paradise off-track ski itineraries are absolutely thrilling, set in awesome picturesque natural surroundings where you can admire perfection that could have only been created by the hand of God.

Exceptional thrills that can only be experienced on the boundless pure white mountain slopes of the Rosa valley — this is what the Alagna-based Monterosa Ski resort is able to readily provide the skier.Through exploration of theenvironment, deference to the techniques of off-track skiing and discovery of the most pristine and uncontaminatedviews of the surroundings, the resort offers a total immersion in the freeride experience from this altitude, more than in any other location.

Why isAlagnarevered by international riders? Because the Monte Rosa atmosphere can be felt right at the doorstep and because of the duration of theruns down the 2000 vertical metres that wind through acolourful variety ofnatural settings. It undoubtedly caters to expert skiers, but not only as it also provides options for those who prefer less challenging extended trails that guarantee unparalleled pleasure and fun excitement.


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