Locations Like Alagna And Riva Have Already Been The Ideal Setting For Italian Ice Series Championship Trials

Quite the extreme sport and surely one that thrills, ice driving is indeed a rousing addition to the winter sports activities in Valsesia.

locations like alagna and riva have already been the ideal setting for italian ice series championship trials.

It is not because locations like Alagna and Riva have already hosted trials for Italian Ice Series Championships nor, of course, is ice driving as popular as cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing, but the allure of cars speeding along frozen tracks is undeniable and within the Valsesia a niche market of professional interest is growing.

Icy sheets become fantastic amusement rides where rumbling car engines attempt the feat of conquering ice within the circuits set in the beautiful amphitheatre of the Valsesian mountains — an atmosphere that draws for its scenery and adrenalized excitement.

Valsesia in the winter means fun at the wheel of a specialized ice-ready vehicle, where you can test your skill along a specific track.


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